‘How gemstones work’ makes us always curious as they are so mysterious, colourful and vibrant.

Let's start with a bit of history. From very ancient time, people were fully aware about gemstones and their in built mysterious power. People were always attracted to precious stones due to its beneficial results for healing physical and emotional aspects of life. 

Communities and cultures, across the world, have their different faith in these stones as these are said to take care of the evil spirits or ghosts, cure the chronic diseases, keep the infants safe, help with the different problems in life. Whatever be the reason, gems have a very special place in human life from old time.

What are gemstones? 

Majority of gemstones is mineral. Gemstones basically are crystal structure of a composition of chemical compounds found in the rocks. Gemstones are identified through their hardness, crystal, and optical properties. It is a gift of nature and that is why it has mysterious natural powers within.

So how does it work?

If you will carefully observe the colours of gemstones and their corresponding planets, you will have the answer. For example, blue sapphire & Saturn are Blue, emerald & Mercury are Green, yellow sapphire & Jupiter are yellow, red coral & Mars are red, pearl & Moon are white and so on. If you put a prism in front of the Sun, it reflects seven color spectrum along with two invisible infra-red & ultra-violet, which make it nine colours of the nine planets and present you the cosmic matrix of the energy system. These gemstones receive their correspondent radiation from the corresponding planet and allows a particular type of energy to pass through your body, through which you feel the self improvement.

Stones absorb the cosmic energy from celestial bodies and use it on your body to provide the relevant help. Gems receive the cosmic energies of the planets in the form of colour-coded frequencies through our solar system




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