Who are we?

We are two young adults with a dream, owning a  company that creates handmade products. We wanted to make a product that takes you away from the stresses of daily life and brings balance and peace into your home.


One day we got the idea to make our own candles. We both love gemstones and their many purposes. So we thought why not make scented candles and add some gemstones to them to have an ultimate spiritual experience.


We combined the power of aromatherapy and the many healing properties of gemstones. 

Our candles combine 2 of the greatest things nature gave us. There is a candle out there for every occasion.


So here we are... welcome to our webshop!

Shelly & Chiara

What are gemlights?

So you wanna know more about our products? Than you came to the right spot!

It's pretty simple, we make candles, add essential oils and than decorate the candles with gemstones and dried herbs/flowers.

We carefully design each candle to combine the right stones with the right essential oils to create a beautiful and unique candle. We try to match the benefits of each essential oil according to the guidelines or aromatherapy to the healing properties of the gemstones. 

We care about the environment and the planet, therefor all our candles are made with soy-wax. 


So to sum it all up, our products can be described as decorative scented candles. They make great and original gifts!




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